T2W4: Starting Game Projects

Well, it has been an eventful four weeks since our last class! Although Lowell is back to in-person classes, I need to be extra safe and am not ready to meet in person. So we will try to a remote or maybe reverse remote version of the class - students will be in the classroom but I will be remote over Zoom.

My plan was to start working on our game programming projects today. I'd like to take turns talking to everyone about their ideas and try to settle on the style and scope of the games. I will take notes and make sure I am knowledgeable on the programming techniques everyone needs so I can offer useful advice.

Then in the next couple weeks we will try to make sure everyone has a working game to show off, and then add more features and content as time permits. It would be fun to have students showing off their games at Lowell's STEMfest in March!

Tutorial Videos

I found some video tutorials on making different types of games that might be helpful for your games. They are YouTube videos instead of going step-by-step in the MakeCode editor. Maybe you can find one that is close to your game type and watch it for tips if you get stuck while you are waiting for help.