STEMapalooza - 2021 Term 1

Welcome to the STEMapalooza elective class for 2021 Term 1! The class will be taught by Tim Slagle, parent of a Lowell 8th grader. This term we will do some fun and practical projects with microcontrollers, 3D printers, and a laser cutter. In future terms I hope to add game programming, electronics, and other rapid fabrication techniques.

Class will be held in the Parkside middle school building, Room 303, and the Innovation Studio lab.

Because using the fabrication machines to make something can take a while (especially the 3D printers), we will start the class with some time to get a project going, and then cover any new material in the class in the second half. We will need to take turns on the machines and people may still be waiting to fabricate their project while the rest of the class has moved on - flexibility will be key!

I will post each week's instructions and class material on this website ( so you can refer to it at home in case you miss a class or get behind in your project design. I will also collect useful links on a Resources page. Everything in class will be done using your Lowell Chromebooks, so please bring them to each class!