Minecraft Servers

To make up for the lack of the Minecraft elective (and for the students who played Minecraft during coding class :-), I have set up some Minecraft servers for Lowell students to play on during the school shutdown. These are servers for the PC/Mac Java version of the game and won't work with the Windows 10, XBox, or other console versions ("Bedrock" versions).

The servers use a allow list which means that only people added to the list are allowed to login and play. To get added to the list, send your name and Minecraft username to me at mc(at)slagle(dot)org. I will double-check the Lowell directory to make sure everyone is part of the Lowell community.

Here are the rules for all the servers (basically, be excellent to each other and have fun).

7/23/2020 Note: Only the Plugin Server is running at this point, others weren't being used

Practice your building skills without block limits on the Creative mode server! The server is: minecraft.slagle.org:25566 .

The server is running Minecraft 1.15.2 using PaperMC.

Plugins: Dynmap, EssentialsX, GriefPrevention, SimpleBackup, WorldEdit

Mine, craft, and survive! Work with friends on a base or go it alone. The server is: minecraft.slagle.org:25567

This server runs standard vanilla Minecraft 1.15.2 in survival mode using PaperMC.

The main plugin is GriefPrevention, which keeps other players from messing with your base once you put down a chest or stake your claim.

A kitchen sink survival server, with every cool plugin I can find. The server is: minecraft.slagle.org:25568

The server runs Minecraft 1.15.2 using the PaperMC server, with lots of plugins to add features and interest for experienced players.

Plugins: AreaShop, CraftBook, Dynmap, EssentialsX, FastLeafDecay, Graves, GriefPrevention, HolographicDisplays, Jobs Reborn, LevelledMobs, LuckPerms, mcMMO, MyPet, MythicMobs, Oh The Dungeons You'll Go, QuickShop, SimpleBackup, Slimefun (plus addons), WorldEdit, WorldGuard, Vault