Minecraft Club Rules

Let's keep these servers a friendly place to have fun!

    1. Be nice and respectful to your fellow players (and the admin!)

    2. No obscene or offensive usernames, chat messages, signs, or builds - messages are logged

    3. No griefing (purposely doing things to harm or annoy other players or cause problems on the server)

    4. Please don't modify or steal other players' builds and items even if they are not protected

    5. The Minecraft world is big - no need to build right next to someone unless you are starting a town together.

    6. Please don't exploit bugs or problems with the server software or plugins (mob farms and machines to produce crops or items are okay.)

    7. Please follow the requests of the server administrator.

    8. Please be patient - I have been running Minecraft servers for a while but not ones with so many plugins open to so many people. There may be problems and I will do my best to fix them. The server configuration may evolve as I get more experience running it (especially the plugin server!)

    9. Send any questions, problems, or suggestions to mc(at)slagle.org !