Creative Server

Practice your building skills without block limits on the Creative mode server! The server is: . Note that you have to specify a different port number (25566) because the same computer is running multiple servers.

The server is running Minecraft 1.16.3 using PaperMC.


The server is running several plugins to enhance the Creative mode experience:

EssentialsX - general tools, including using signs to warp to different places on the map.

Dynmap - View a map of the entire world to make it easier to find people and their builds. View the map here.

GriefPrevention - allows players to protect a plot of land using a wooden hoe, and control who can access and modify it. Also prevents spam and allows easy restoration of defaced landscapes. Each player is given 10000 blocks they can claim and earns 120 more blocks per hour of play time. More info on claiming land.

SimpleBackup - Performs periodic backups of entire world so progress is safe

WorldEdit - tools for editing groups of blocks at once