Plugin Survival Server

Survival with lots of fun plugins, adding a skill leveling system, enhanced mobs, an economy with jobs and shops, lots of extra items and machines, and protected plots. The server is:


AreaShop - Use signs to rent out shop areas for Moolah. Right-click signs to rent, enter /as unrent in shop region to undo and get your money back. Original plugin at AreaShop.

CraftBook - Adds mechanics like gates and bridges, hidden switches, falling ladders, and Redstone logic gates. Here are the mechanics that are currently enabled:

Variables Ammeter BetterPhysics BoatExitRemover BoatRemoveEntities BoatUncrashable BoatWaterPlaceOnly Bookcase Bridge CommandSigns Elevator Gate Glowstone HiddenSwitch ICs JackOLantern LightSwitch LightStone Netherrack PaintingSwitcher Pay SignCopier TreeLopper XPStorer

More might be enabled over time depending on how they affect play and the server.

Dynmap - adds a map of the entire world viewable in a web browser. Also shows player locations and plot claims. Uses Dynmap-GriefPrevention to show claims.

EssentialsX - adds many utility commands that will be enabled for players over time (most are disabled for now). Provides the economy with money units called Moolah. Players start out with M200 in Moolah which can be used to buy items and blocks in shops or traded for more claim blocks. Also provides a home function - players can run /sethome at their home location and then run /home to return there. Players can also teleport to a list of global locations with the /warp command.

FastLeafDecay - Trees drop all their leaves once the last block of wood is chopped.

Graves - saves player items on death in a chest that is protected for a limited time (10 hours). Player can open the Graves GUI with the command /graves and teleport to a death location for a cost of M100.

GriefPrevention - allows players to protect a plot of land using a wooden hoe, and control who can access and modify it. Also prevents spam and allows easy restoration of defaced landscapes. Each player is given 2048 (32x64) blocks they can claim and earns 60 more blocks per hour of play time. Blocks can also be bought (M10 per block) and sold (M5 per block), providing income if a player doesn't want any more land. More info on claiming land. Allows admin claims for spawn area and shops that can be subcontracted to players.

HolographicDisplays - Allows floating text messages in the Minecraft world.

Jobs Reborn - Make Moolah and XP by digging, mining, fighting, crafting, and other common Minecraft tasks. Sign up for up to 3 jobs by clicking on the sign board at spawn or running /jobs browse Also uses CMILib.

LevelledMobs - The standard Minecraft mobs now can have upgraded specs which increase in levels as you move further from the spawn point.

LuckPerms - Permission management plugin, available to owner and admins.

mcMMO - Adds RPG/MMO style skill levels to common Minecraft actions. Gives you bonuses or extra abilities as you level up.

MythicMobs - Adds new mobs to fight that can be configured in many ways. Just the defaults for now but more can be added.

MyPet - Tame, feed, and train Minecraft mobs as pets and have them carry you and your stuff. /mypet shows commands, /petinfo shows stats on your pet.

Oh The Dungeons You'll Go - Adds four different types of dungeons auto-generated across the map. Be the first to find them and clean them out.

QuickShop Reremake - Use chests and signs to easily create shops.

SimpleBackup - Performs periodic backups of entire world so progress is safe

Slimefun 4 - Adds hundreds of items, tools, weapons, and machines to Minecraft. Accessible via GUI interface by clicking on the SF Guide book (run /sf guide to give yourself a copy). Includes many addons. To start, use XP to unlock recipes which can be made with an Enhanced Crafting Table (under Basic Machines in the GUI).

Vault - Adds permissions, chat, and economy APIs used by other plugins

WorldEdit - Allows admins to modify world blocks to create spawn area etc. Required by WorldGuard.

WorldGuard - Allows admins to define protected regions and set flags like no mob spawning. Required by AreaShop.