T2W2: MakeCode Arcade Tutorials

For our second class, we will follow a series of tutorials that will introduce us to some of the built-in game features of MakeCode Arcade. We will build three different types of programs - interactive text displays, a clicker game, and a collection game.

To get started, visit the MakeCode Arcade Skill Map. Click the "Sign In" button at the upper right and log in using your Lowell school account (both are managed by Microsoft) - this will let you save your progress (at least that's what they claim).

If you are new to MakeCode, you can click on the top square (over the blue water background) to get a quick introduction to the MakeCode environment. Otherwise, start at the space by the bird and go through all three sequences. You should be able to get through them all in one class time!

Next week we will cover more programming basics, but this week will give you an idea of what can be done in MakeCode Arcade without a lot of coding using the built-in events and routines.