Project Ideas

Ideas for Minecraft/Python projects:

Minecraft Image renderer

Write Python code to read an image file and output a 2D array of minecraft blocks of different colors that correspond to the image pixels. For simplicity, use a program like GIMP or Photoshop to scale the image to the desired resolution and quantize the colors to the colors of Minecraft blocks. Build a palette of RGB colors based on the Minecraft block you want to include, or have multiple pallettes (for example, use just the 16 colors of wool, or cement, or include other minecraft blocks). Quantize the image from 24-bit RGB to 8 bit indexed color using the palette, and then read a table into the Python program that translates image color index to Minecraft block type. Have option for image orientation in the Minecraft world - XZ plane (horizontal) or XY, YZ (vertical).

Convert Minecraft Structures to/from Schematic Files

There are websites where people upload buildings and other structures they have designed in Minecraft. Standard file formats detail the block types that make up the 3D structures and can be downloaded from the websites. Write a Python routine to read those schematic or object files and construct the object in the Minecraft world. Also write a function that does the reverse and allows you to create a schematic file from a 3D structure in your Minecraft world.

Modular Dungeon Generator

Design a series of rooms or parts of rooms that can be combined randomly to make a program-generated dungeon. Have rooms, hallways, doorways, and other architectural features and generate 2D arrangements of them that make sense as buildings or mazes. Randomly pick between multiple versions of the same room configuration to make it less repetitive.

Modular Village Generator

Design buildings of different sizes and purposes that fit on a grid, and randomly arrange them into villages. Also have village squares, gardens, wells, etc. like current Minecraft villages. Generate paths that connect the front doors of the buildings and randomly generated village layouts. Read the building designs from schematic files, and have different collections of buildings in different styles to make different village types using the same routine.

Minecraft Maze Generator

Find a maze generator algorithm and use it to generate mazes made from blocks in Minecraft. The could be outdoor mazes made of leaf blocks or underground mazes in stone. Have lava in the walls to make it harder to mine straight through the walls!