STEMapalooza - 2021-22 Term 2

Welcome to the STEMapalooza elective class for 2021 Term 2! The class will be taught by Tim Slagle, parent of a Lowell 8th grader. This term we will do two major projects: programming a video game on a hand-held color LCD console, and learning to solder a color-changing digital clock. I would also like to teach some basics of electricity if there is time. In the third term, the plan is to program some cute two-wheeled robots, and make a project that will combine programming, LEDs, and 3D CAD and printing.

Class will be held in the Parkside middle school building, Room 303.

I will post each week's instructions and class material on this website ( so you can refer to it at home in case you miss a class or get behind in your project design. I will also collect useful links on a Resources page. Everything in class will be done using your Lowell Chromebooks, so please bring them to each class!