GriefPrevention Plugin

GriefPrevention - allows players to protect a plot of land using a wooden hoe, and control who can access and modify it. Also prevents spam and allows easy restoration of defaced landscapes.

Claiming a plot

On the Survival mode server, you can modify blocks anywhere in the world except regions that are claimed by other players. An initial claim is created when you put down a chest, and can be extended by using a wooden shovel. In the Creative mode server, you can only modify blocks in a region you claim so that should be the first thing you do when you find a location you want to build on.

To claim a new plot, use a wooden hoe and right-click on a block in one corner of the rectangular area you wish to claim. The block should turn to diamond and you should get a message on your console:

Then move to the other corner of your desired plot and right-click again:

To modify your claim, right-click on a corner with the wooden hoe, and then click on the new corner location.

To delete a claim, stand in the claim and enter the /AbandonClaim command in the console.

When first created, only you can modify blocks in your claim. You can grant other players different levels of permission - see the GriefProtection wiki for more information.