T2W3: Other Robot Designs

Students who are just starting with the Vex IQ robots can follow the steps from last term to build the basic four wheeled, remote controlled robot that can be a starting point for other designs.  If you have already build that robot and are looking for other projects to build, Vex has posted instructions for a bunch of other designs which we should be able to build with our kits.  

Build The Autopilot Robot

You can add some sensors to the "standard drive base" that will let the robot be autonomous and drive itself around as it explores the room.   This will be a good starting point for doing our own programming of the robot.  Look in the IQ Build Instructions starting on page 32 (steps 102-117) for instructions on building the Autopilot robot.  I also have B/W printed versions for each person to keep - it might be easier to pick the right part on the actual-size printouts.

Autopilot Mode

Once you have added the sensors to the base platform and wired them to the robot's brain module, run the built-in autopilot program by:

When the autopilot program is running, the robot will drive itself around in different patterns and use the ultrasonic distance sensor to avoid running into obstacles.  Touch the "Touch LED" module to change motion modes, indicated by the color of the LED.  For more information, see this page on the VEX website:


Other VEX IQ Robots

Here is a web page with a bunch of other robot designs: 


Some are for game competitions and others are just for fun!  The game competition robots are pretty specialized to work with game elements like pucks and goals that we don't have.  So I think the "fun" robots would be a better choice for Lowell students to try building.  I will print out copies of the step-by-step build instructions that students can refer to while they build.

Allie the Alligator Robot

Allie is a four-legged robot that uses Vex IQ plates and beams to make an alligator-shaped body:


Linq the Forklift Robot

Linq is a four-wheeled robot that builds on the standard drive base.  It could be a starting point for a combat robot that could flip other robots over.


Slick the Pusher Robot

Slick is a four-wheeled robot built on the standard drive base that has a wedge-shaped plow blade on front.  It could be useful for pushing balls around in a game of robot soccer:


Ike the Grabber Bot

Ike is a four-wheeled robot in a vertical format with personality and a wide grabber claw:



Clawbot looks a bit like a scorpion with a front-mounted grabber claw and a raised tail.  It is one of the standard projects for Vex IQ and is build on the standard drive base robot.  There are options with manual controller drive and with sensors to aid in programming:


Other Robots

Check out the Vex IQ Build Instructions page for more robot designs, including a robot arm and a dinosaur robot.